Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Disney Song #45: Canada (You're a Lifetime Journey)

To Listen: Original / Remix

The Facts:
  • Writer: Bob Moline (music and English lyrics), Guy Bonnardot (French lyrics)
  • Performers:  John Zov, Juanice Charmaine (original)Eva Avila (remix)
  • Year: 1982
  • Key:  A Major (original) / C Major, E Major (remix)

Heard In: 
"O Canada!"

Background / Personal Connection:
Great song and a wonderful way to cap the film shown in Epcot's Canadian Pavilion.  In 2007 the film was updated with some new footage, a new narrator (Martin Short), and a new version of the song by Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila.  These updates represent that rarest of species: an Epcot attraction being changed in a way that I actually like.  I always enjoyed the original Canada movie, but it wasn't one that I was so attached to that I was against any change. I've seen the new movie twice, and I think they did a nice job: Martin Short is good, the updated footage is cool, and Eva Avila's rendition is fantastic and dare I say....even better than the original.

My one pet peeve about Circle-Vision 360 movies in general: the cast member tells you before the show that the lean rails are for leaning and are not designed to support your weight (i.e. no sitting on them).  Well, why couldn't they just be designed to support your weight?  After walking for hours and getting blisters on top of blisters, the last thing people want to do is to stand up for another 15 minutes.  Maybe they don't want people to fall off the rails while turning around to look at the screens.  In any event, I think the Imagineers can figure out a solution to this.

And here's a Sweedo Family secret pro tip.  Part of me hates to reveal this to the world, but I do it for you, the good reader: stand in the very last row (the one with the lean rail that's shorter than the others).  It's always available (at least until now that I have revealed it to the world) since no one else ever goes back there, and you have the best view.  You're welcome.  

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