Sunday, September 25, 2016

Quantum Leap -- Episode 55: Justice

Sam Leaps Into:
Clyde, a newly initiated member of the KKK.

Prevent the KKK from killing Nathaniel, a black man advocating for voting rights.



Memorable Quote:
It's Abraham Lincoln.  ~Girl in church
No it's not, he has a beard.  That's some crazy white man.  ~Boy in church

The scene outside the courthouse where Nathaniel is trying to get an older black man to vote is gripping and well acted by everyone involved.  It's all the more compelling because the situation really tests and pushes Sam as a character when he stays undercover and denies Nathaniel despite every bone in his body telling him to do the opposite.

The Klan members' tie up of Sam at the end is pretty weak: just a loosely tied rope around his wrists and nothing around his feet.  Would have been more believable and interesting if they secured him more tightly and forced him to use some MacGyver-style ingenuity in order to escape.

Other thoughts, observations, and questions I didn’t ask when I was in fourth grade:
  • Some notable guest stars in this episode including:
    • Dirk Blocker as Tom (the partially bald Klansman).
    • Michael Beach as Nathaniel.
    • Glenn Morshower as Grady (the red-haired Klansman).  I know him well from his role on 24 as the loyal bodyguard Aaron Pierce.
    • Lisa Waltz as Lilly.  She was the lead female in The Odd Couple 2, which believe it or not I'd probably rank as my favorite comedy of all time.
    • The director of this episode, Rob Bowman, also directed one episode of MacGyver, Ma Dalton.  Not too many similarities between this episode and Ma Dalton.
  • We've had quite a few episodes in the series set in the Deep South including this one, The Color of Truth, So Help Me God, Miss Deep South, and Southern Comforts.  And the South in a way is like a character in that it plays a critical role in all of the episodes, and the production team does a great job of evoking that setting and time period.  It made me wonder if there were any other series out there that portrayed 50's/60's Southern U.S. culture as well as this series did.
  • Powerful ending as Sam tells the Klan that if they hang Nathaniel, they're going to have to hang him too.  And with a noose around his neck, he gives a great speech that persuades his father-in-law (and the Klan's Grand Dragon) to spare them both, and then once they're free Nathaniel embraces him.  Moving stuff.  

Final Analysis:
Outstanding episode.  Powerful story, great acting, fluid pace, and a grave danger overcome in an inspiring ending.  Ranking it 9 out of 55.

Friday, September 23, 2016

MacGyver Reboot -- Episode 1: The Rising

Synopsis in 3 sentences or less:
MacGyver is in Italy to commandeer a biological weapon, but some terrorists steal the weapon from him and kill Nikki, his girlfriend and co-worker.  MacGvyer tracks the head terrorist to San Francisco where he discovers that Nikki is not only still alive but also is working with the terrorists. After capturing Nikki and neutralizing the threat, MacGyver and his team abandon the now compromised Department of External Services and start the Phoenix Foundation. 

Memorable Quote:
What exactly do you do, Mr. MacGyver?  ~Riley
You know how you hack computers?  Well, I hack everything else.  ~MacGyver

I was very impressed by Lucas: excellent actor, good voice, charismatic, and able to be both serious and charming. If nothing else, I think the show will last because of him. And most importantly, his hair is much better now than in the scrapped pilot.

As for the best moment of the episode, it was when MacGyver sees Nikki in the San Francisco hotel. Surprising in the moment and some excellent dramatic tension.

The music was a letdown, particularly the opening theme.  Somebody recently cut the original theme and replaced it with Lucas's MacGyver, and when I first saw that I got really excited thinking it was the actual theme that was being used.  Instead the theme they went with is pretty short and uninspiring.  To Peter Lenkov's credit, he said he had to fight the network just to get any theme at all because they see it as lost ad time.  That's a really dumb philosophy by the network people when you consider the degree to which a good theme song can engender devotion and distinctiveness to a show in a way that will pay big dividends in the long run, certainly more than an extra 30 second ad.

The rest of the music wasn't bad per se, but as one of the world's biggest fans of the original MacGyver score, it's going to take me a little while to realize that Randy Edelman, Dennis McCarthy, and Ken Harrison aren't walking through that door.

Best MacGyverism:
Mixes muriatic acid, ammonia, and tin foil to make smoke.  We've seen this MacGyverism (minus the tin foil) in D.O.A. MacGyver

Other thoughts, observations, and questions I didn’t ask when I was in fourth grade:
  • I haven't seen a new episode of MacGyver in 24 years, so I've broken out the popcorn, the swiss army knife, and my Phoenix Foundation t-shirt.  That episode in '92 was The Mountain of Youth which happened to be the worst episode of the entire series, so it can only get better from there, right?!
  • Angus the cat is also ready to go (if you consider licking yourself ready to go).
  • The series is not more than a minute old and MacGyver and Nikki Carpenter have already shown more sparks than in 6 episodes of the original (I talked at length about the original Nikki here).
  • The boat chase in the beginning would have been the perfect time to bring back the boat chase theme from A Prisoner of Conscience.  Bear with me, I'm just going through the five stages of grief over the loss of the original MacGyver music -- in a few weeks I'll be all right.
  • Some nice shots of the Griffith Park Observatory near MacGyver's home -- that's a throwback to the original pilot where it actually was his home.
  • Speaking of his home, I like it -- seems like a chill place with a lot of natural light.
  • Clever of MacGyver to notice the time on the bad guy's watch, but even if they know what time zone he's in, it's a stretch to think that it's enough for Riley to find him in 10 seconds considering that this guy is on 8 different watch lists.
  • I like what I've seen from most of the core team:
    • Jack Dalton -- obviously nothing like the original Jack but Eads has charisma and seems like he'll make a good sidekick to MacGyver.
    • Riley Davis -- the computer whiz.  I like the actress and the character.
    • Wilt Bozer -- I like that he doesn't know about MacGyver's real job. 
    • The one character I wasn't wild about was Patricia Thornton.  I don't mind that she's a female (in contrast to Pete Thornton), but at least in this episode she didn't serve any real purpose to the story.  And she was also one dimensional and overly serious, and it's hard for me to see how they're going to develop her character and her relationship with MacGyver.
  • The MacGyverisms in this episode were pretty weak (especially the parachute at the end), but there's plenty of time to improve on those.  I wasn't wild about the captions appearing on screen, but I'll get over it.
  • The hour flew by which is a good sign.  As a child of the 80's and early 90's, I still prefer tv that breathes a little more and that is at a slower pace.  But that style of tv isn't coming back for better or worse, and so a fast pace it is.
  • I didn't care for was the joking references to tin foil, bubble gum, paper clips, etc. It feels more like playing along with the stereotype of the character as opposed to taking it seriously.  I remember Jerry Freedman (director of the original pilot) said about Richard Dean Anderson, "A lot of what made the character work, besides the good writing, was Richard. He had good comic timing and brought a nice sense of irony and reality to the role. It could have been cartoonish and sitcomy, but he made it seem real."  I agree whole-heartedly with that and I don't want to see it become like a cartoon.

Final Analysis:
After the show ended I asked my wife what she thought, and the first word she came up with was "respectable."  And the connotation was positive because she was expecting it to be worse based on the mediocre reviews from the previous few days.  I think that "respectable" is a good word for it also. As an action-adventure it's my kind of show, and it certainly held my attention and I would like to see more. It wasn't perfect, but first episodes are probably the hardest to get right, and they'll have time to develop the characters and work out the kinks.

I'd like to see them get to a place where the series can stand on its own as something unique in the tv landscape, whereas presently it seems relatively standard compared to other shows.  The lone wolf hero isn't coming back (for some reasons that Mark and I talked about on a podcast recently), but they should try and develop his nonviolent character and his scientific expertise so that he is unique and distinguishable from other tv heroes. Whether or not they ever get to that point, I'll be watching.

Dashboard's MacGyver Reboot Update #12

Only hours until the Premiere! Filming continues while the reviews for the Pilot Episode are piling up. And we got the new Opening Title Sequence to go along with the new Opening Theme!

(Spoiler Alert: To avoid spoilers, I won't post any too revealing pictures, but you will get spoilered by reading this post or by clicking on the links provided; especially on the links to the reviews!)

Working on Episodes 2, 5 and 6 (I think)
I kind of lost sight of what episodes the crew is working on right now - there's so much going on! While the promo continued at full speed, we didn't get that many pictures as in the weeks before. Some showed a new set or set equipment like this fog horn.

On September 17, the crew set up at the Pullman Rail Yard, probably to film more scenes for Episode 5. They also shot more train scenes back at the Southeastern Railway Museum. On September 20, the crew worked in Downtown Atlanta, masquerading the city as New York. The fleet included NY Police Cars and TaxisMeanwhile, G-Rod did some ADR (automated dialogue replacement) for Episode 2. 

Chris Payne Gilbert shared a nice pic of George Eads preparing his lines. Lucas Till posted an interesting picture of himself "wreaking havoc". MacGyver shooting an automated weapon? *gasp*. Lucas was quick to add that New MacGyver still doesn't use guns. My guess is this is a BtS from the Pilot Episode where we get to see bikini-clad women shooting Ninjas off a tank. (You will know soon why that is.) On the same day, Lucas shared a picture of his bomb-defusal suit - and he wasn't the only one following the dresscode. 

Script Writer Brian Durkin sent greetings from the Writer's Office and revealed what bike he's riding at the moment.

On September 22, Aina Dumlao shared the news that she's back on set - watching MacGyver episodes in her trailer. There's worse homework than watching original MacGyver, right?

Let the Promo continue: Sneak Peeks and Refreshers
Promo is still hitting the state fairs - recently in Oklahoma. But the main promo consists of previews and sneak peek videos.

CBS distributed many videos to various outlets this week. To list a few: We got to see a BtS-Video of the stunt work with Stunt Coordinator Jeff Wolfe. One video let us "get to know the stars" a bit better while ET Canada shared another Featurette with short interviews on set.

CBS also helped us to freshen up our knowledge about MacGyver's 7 Notorious Tools (as if we wouldn't remember) and to decide which episodes of classic MacGyver to watch before the premiere - the cast and crew's favorites, of course: "Trumbo's World" (Lucas), "The Heist" (Tristin Mays) and "Partners" (James Wan).

Let the Promo continue: Theme and Title Opening Sequence
On September 18, Executive Producer Peter Lenkov revealed that the Orchestra was scoring the pilot plus recording the new theme. He even provided little videos to listen in. How exciting!

On September 20, Yahoo! posted an amazing fake title opening sequence they had edited together for fun. It's actually a recreation of the original title sequence that many people mistook as the real deal. Only hours later, Entertainment Weekly posted the official new title sequence - and squashed the excitement of many fans.

I'm glad the reboot gets a "real" opening sequence (and not just the title for five seconds like other modern TV shows). I love that they kept the focus on MacGyver's hands instead of the character's faces. I kinda like the music although it sure isn't as memorable as the original. But this opening is not as much fun as it could have been - especially not if you compare it to Yahoo's fan-made title sequence *sigh*.

Let the Promo continue: Reviews and Interviews
Several reviews of the Pilot Episode have made the rounds now and they keep coming in. Some are quite harsh; e.g. the reviews by Variety or The Hollywood Reporter. Others are more "meh" about it; e.g. Collider or USA Today. I liked the review by Your Entertainment Corner - it is critical, but fair and rather points out the strong and weak points instead of just bashing on it. Another very nice one is the review by Cinemablend which comments some more on the characters and the performances. 

On September 21, Eric Goldman shared an interview with James Wan about the reboot in general and shooting the pilot. Peter Lenkov talked with TV Guide about how to keep the spirit of the original. Front Row Features posted an interview with Lucas and George.

As Justin Hires reveals, press days and doing interview rounds for TV is hard work, but can also be very fun and practical. With the help of journalists at Yahoo and TV Guide, the cast managed to escape one of the famous Escape Rooms. Of course they did; it's MacGyver!

Cast and Character News
Central Casting Georgia has made more casting calls; e.g. for onlookers of a crime scene, for people to work in flashback scenes to the 1970's, for a SWAT guy and for downscale and dented neighborhood cars.

On September 17, Peter Lenkov granted us a first look at Penny ParkerJustin Hires posted a new picture of his character Wilt with MacGyver. While sharing his Favorite Classic MacGyver Moment, James Wan confirmed that Murdoc will be a character in the reboot.

India Batson shared the news that her scene as Tiffany was cut from the pilot episode. Seems like some of the bikini-babes didn't fulfill their Shooting-Ninjas-off-Tanks-quota. Hopefully, there's DVD extras for people who were looking forward to see her.

On September 22, SpoilerTV revealed the press release for Episode 3 ("Awl"): Team MacGyver will travel to Malaysia to extract a terrorist groups’ money man who holds key intel to an impending attack.

What is my opinion on this?
As I stated in my very first blog post about the reboot, I'm not a fan of reboots or remakes in general and I don’t like that many of the shows on TV right now. This so-called reimagination sure has its flaws and problems. Some of them because the reboot is set in modern times, others because of the creation and background stories of certain characters. I'm also not very fond of the Team MacGyver concept because it's the typical team formula you get to see on television all the time. 

Of course, it's not that easy to satisfy fans of the old show. Yet I do think this reboot can be fun if you don't compare it too much to the original and to the iconic character that Richard Dean Anderson created over the course of 7 seasons. It's a good thing that a new generation will also get to see a hero like MacGyver, even if he's different.

Also, with the buzz going on on social media (Forbes states that along with "This is Us", MacGyver gets the most buzz of all the fall tv premieres), it's nice to see that so many people are fans of the old show. The reboot will inspire people to check out the original, regardless if they liked the new version or not.

I don't know when and if I get to see the Pilot Episode - living in Switzerland has its perks, but not when it comes to brand new American TV Shows. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to discuss the episodes and to keep up with the production.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Quantum Leap -- Episode 54: Hurricane

Sam Leaps Into:
Archie Necaise, a sheriff.

Prevent his girlfriend from being killed during Hurricane Camille.


Jackson's Point, Mississippi

Memorable Quote:
Do you marry someone after only a couple weeks?  ~Cissy
If it was the right someone, I'd marry 'em after a couple of hours.  ~Sam

Amazing performance by Tracy Kolis (Lisa).  I found a video online of her on Seinfeld and she has the same Southern accent (I was curious to know if she was really Southern, though the Seinfeld appearance doesn't necessarily prove it).

A few too many lovey dovey Cissy/Sam scenes.  Marilyn Jones (Cissy) appeared in MacGyver as Debra in The Road Not Taken.  Hey Marilyn, if you're going to be so enamored by Sam and kiss him every 10 seconds, couldn't you at least have shown even a modicum of interest in MacGyver?!  You were the love of his life!  And you broke his heart!

Other thoughts, observations, and questions I didn’t ask when I was in fourth grade:
  • I'm a big fan of storms.  Not dangerous storms like hurricanes and tornadoes, but I'm in for a nice sized thunderstorm (or snowstorm) any day.  There's something about stormy weather that's spiritual and humbling.
  • Speaking of severe weather/natural disasters, you've heard of hurricanes, tornadoes, avalanches, volcanoes, and tsunamis, but have you ever heard of a haboob?  I saw a tv show once about haboobs and was surprised that I had never heard of them before.
  • I was reading about Hurricane Camille on wikipedia and apparently there was a legend about a hurricane party during Camille, but it's unclear how much of the story is true. The wikipedia page also mentions an ABC tv movie that was made about the hurricane party.
  • I didn't recognize him at first, but about halfway through Joe's scenes I thought to myself, "Is that Bill Buchanan?!"  I looked it up and it was!  The actor is James Morrison (Bill Buchanan is his 24 character).  I'm a big Buchanan fan, and Morrison is a great actor.

Final Analysis:
Strong episode.  The acting is excellent, the music superb, and the hurricane scenes are very well filmed (not including the stock footage).   All that said, I'm going to rank it a bit lower than it deserves (20 out of 54) because it's a little too dark and intense for my tastes.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Quantum Leap -- Episode 53: Play Ball

Sam Leaps Into:
Lester "Doc" Fuller, a former major league baseball player toiling in the minors.

Make it back to the majors (aka "The Show") while also finding a way to give a young, talented, hotheaded pitcher his chance.


Galveston, Texas

Memorable Quote:
This could be messier than I thought.  ~Al

See memorable quote. Funny moment when Sam says that Lester originally got the start from sleeping his way to the top, and then Al assumes he's referring to the gruff male manager until a frustrated Bakula tells him about the female owner.

I understand why they brought in the father/son story line: to help cure what ails Chucky and to bring some emotional resonance to the story (ala Field of Dreams).  Nevertheless, the subplot felt rushed and didn't resonate with me emotionally.  And shouldn't there at least have been a line where the father says to Sam, "How did you know I was his father?"  

Other thoughts, observations, and questions I didn’t ask when I was in fourth grade:
  • Chucky was the third of many credits for Neal McDonough.  He's been in a ton of things but I remember him most from his role as Buck Compton in Band of Brothers. It's not surprising given his appearance here that he went on to a great career because he knocks his role out of the park (pun intended).  He also has a great arm (see 27:17 mark when he's pitching in practice).  Bakula = not quite as great of an arm.
  • Another familiar face is the manager played by Don Stroud who appeared in two episodes of MacGyver: Renegade (as Commander Hilliard) and High Control (as Kluge).
  • Not the greatest portrayal of Latino baseball players: the smiling Sanchez Brothers who carry guitars, speak no English, and in the end are hauled off by immigration agents. 
  • Our second minor league baseball episode (the first was the end of the pilot Genesis), and at the 12:34 mark we get our second shot of the Field of Dreams baseball field (the first was in The Leap Home).
  • The Yankees must be having a rough season if they're signing a pitcher after half an outing and bringing in a pitching coach from a small minor league team (solely on the basis of his removing himself from the game, no less).

Final Analysis:
Not the greatest or most original story in the world, but I'm a baseball guy so I enjoyed the setting. And the acting was excellent including McDonough, Stroud, and Maree Cheatham as the flirtatious Southern owner.  Ranking it 19 out of 53.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Peter Lenkov: A Conversation

My favorite show currently on television is Hawaii Five-0, masterminded by Peter Lenkov.  If I had to choose anyone in Hollywood to reboot my all time favorite show, he'd be on my short list. And on Friday 9/23 we'll finally get our first full look at his vision as MacGyver makes his triumphant return airing right before Five-0 on CBS.

The word "Friday" comes from Frigga, the Norse goddess of love.  Well, time to step aside, Frigga, because the undisputed king of Fridays is now Peter Lenkov.

NS: We're one week away from the first week of MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0 back to back.  Can you quantify your excitement for that night?

PL: I don't know if it's excitement -- it's more nerves and a lot of nervous energy.
Not for Five-0 where we have a pretty solid audience that tunes in every week and has been very loyal from the beginning, but MacGyver is an unknown. I'm hoping people tune in and that they respond well, but nothing's a given. So I don't think I'm excited, I think I'm more nervous.

NS: How important to you is feedback from social media?

PL: It's only important for my ego. I'd like people to like it, but unfortunately I can't steer the show in a different direction than I've already set the course right now. By the time you guys watch that first episode, I'm on episode 12 and am so far ahead in the storytelling. But I just want people to like it because everyone worked very hard and we think we have a good product, and so hopefully people respond well. The feedback is important to make you feel like you've done a good job and that people appreciate it.

NS: When you went back to watch the original MacGyver, what thoughts came to mind and what stood out to you?

PL: When I started this, I knew the show pretty well.  The stuff that I've seen since then just reminded me what I liked about that show which was how original it was where you had a hero that was very different from everyone else in the landscape -- somebody who was a cerebral hero, somebody who thought differently.  I was a kid who always liked to take things apart and make things out of whatever was available to me, so it reminded me that you can look at something and see it in a different way.  And how different Richard Dean Anderson was from everyone else on tv back then. 

NS: What do you think makes Lucas Till a great MacGyver and how would you compare and contrast him with Richard?

PL: Richard will always be MacGyver -- those are big shoes to fill.  The things that Lucas bring are an enthusiasm and an energy, and he's very believable in the role because he's a fan of it and believes in that role.   And his Mom was a scientist and he grew up in that kind of world where science and building and engineering were very important, and his father was involved in that kind of stuff also.  I think it's who he is and it's in his blood. 

NS: I've heard Murdoc's name mentioned as a possible returning character.  Anything else you can tell us about that?

PL: Murdoc's definitely coming back but I can't tell you who's going to be Murdoc.

NS: Any chance of Michael Des Barres coming back in some way?

PL: It would be a nice cameo for sure.  

NS: I think Murdoc and Wo Fat have some parallels.  My Dad used to watch the original Five-O and told me that Wo Fat always got away, and Murdoc is similar in that he always would look like he died but then would come back. 

PL: There is a parallel between those two villains.  The original Wo Fat character was the one who got away from McGarrett, starting in the pilot episode and sprinkled throughout the course of the 12 seasons.  And then he was McGarrett's last case and putting him in jail was sort of how they brought closure for the original show.  And I look at Murdoc in the same way, as someone who is always a little out of arms reach for MacGyver. 

NS: The music was a very important part of the original show for me.  What can you tell me about the music in the reboot?

PL: Just that we're staying true to the soul of the original show and the music being an important part, and I know the theme is very important to the original fans.

I look at what I'm doing as similar to Five-0 in that I'm keeping the torch lit.  I'm not doing anything other than keeping this thing alive and and relevant so that somebody 30 years from now is going to reboot it because we helped keep the idea alive.  So music and those kinds of things that were important to the original show are important to this version as well.  

NS: What would you say is the biggest difference between the new MacGyver and the new Five-0?

PL: Location!  Other than that I think the biggest difference is a lot of the original MacGyver audience are still actively watching television.  The audience that back in 1968 was watching Five-O are not as avid tv watchers nowadays.  I think the people that watched MacGyver are still very avid tv watchers -- it hasn't been off the air that long.  So people are more vocal and more involved in social media compared to the generation who watched Five-O.  And so what I'm getting now on MacGyver is a lot of feedback, good and bad, from an audience who fondly remembers that original show.  I'm very aware that there's a huge audience out there that does not want me to mess up their beloved show.    

NS: What's the latest on Richard Dean Anderson's involvement?  Have you personally talked to him?

PL: Years ago I met him at a friend's house in Malibu, and I told him how much I loved MacGyver and that I was a huge fan of his.  When I got involved in this, one of the first things I did was to reach out to his agent and told him that I wanted him involved in some capacity.  We were supposed to have a call a couple of days ago and had to push the call, but I'm hoping he's involved and I have a role for him in mind.  The one thing he's doing which I think is the real gentleman thing to do is he's allowing us to come out of the gate on our own, and he's giving us a little bit of distance so we can stand out on our own which I think is a nice thing to do.  But I'm hoping to convince him to come join the show. 

NS: Tell me a little about your creative process.  It's hard for me to imagine sitting down and not just writing an episode but brainstorming a whole new series.  Do you have a lot of notebooks or do you go to coffee shops or sit by the ocean?  What gets your creative juices flowing?

PL: All of the above.  It takes me an hour and 15 minutes to get to work each way, so you're talking about 2 and a half hours in the car -- most of my daydreaming comes then. Most of the time I'm thinking about the shows, the characters, the arcs.  If I come up with something, I'll dictate it into my phone.

It is a 24 hour a day job.  I keep a notepad next to my bed so that I can write stuff down if I wake up in the middle of the night with a thought.  It doesn't end, it doesn't stop.  In any other job you punch your card and go home and try not to think about work.  But it's very hard when you're writing something to put it down.  I'm constantly thinking about it and rethinking things -- it's a never-ending process.  Sometimes I'm not even writing stuff that's going to be in this episode -- I'll write something down that will be in an episode way down the road.  I still have scenes for Five-0 that I've written that haven't made it into an episode yet.  

NS: I know that Sony is going back and forth with Daniel Craig over the future of James Bond, but is there any chance that Alex O'Loughlin could be the next Bond?  I think he'd be fantastic.

PL: I don't know.  I think years ago he was on a list of people that were being considered, and it would be great if he still is.  It may be hard since he's not British, but anything can happen. It'd be nice. He would love it. 

NS: I mentioned Alex as Bond to my wife and she suggested Daniel Dae Kim as Bond, and I think he'd be good too!

I also wanted to bring up the Five-0 episode you wrote about the Japanese internment camps ("Ho'onani Makuakane").  My Dad and I were talking after that episode aired and he said it was one of the best things he'd ever seen on television.  And I would have to agree. I don't often cry at tv shows but that one got me good. 

PL: Tell your Dad I appreciate it very much.  That was a special episode because that aired on the USS Missouri on a loop for a couple months.  That's a cool thing when you can use the forum of tv to make people aware of something that perhaps they didn't know existed. I didn't even know it existed until I started doing research on Hawaii when I started the show.

NS: Thank you very much.  I appreciate your time and willingness to engage with me and other fans, and also your respect for the original show means a lot, so thank you.