Thursday, October 8, 2015

Disney Song #44: Epcot Entrance Music

To Listen: Click Here

The Facts:
  • Writer: Unknown
  • Year: Unknown (best guess is 1982)
  • Key: Several

Heard In: 
Entrance to Epcot

Background / Personal Connection:
OK, now we're getting into some seriously good stuff.  I found something online attributing this to Disney composer George Wilkins, but I couldn't confirm that it was this selection in particular (since Epcot has had several different musical loops for the entrance over the years).  It's interesting to me that the tune starts in F# Minor -- that's not a common key and one which I don't think has been featured yet on this countdown.  Some great orchestra work here too.

I've mentioned previously how I used to love listening to an Epcot Center record as a kid, and this song was the first track on that album. I also remember hearing it when entering Epcot, and this magical melody takes me right back to those visits.  The Epcot Center of the mid 80's was my favorite Disney theme park ever, and at some point soon on the blog I'll throw in my two cents (and echo what many others have said) about Epcot's spiritual decline.

Speaking of Epcot, it's the countdown's 4th song in a row from the park.  Will the streak make it to 5?  Stay tuned!  


  1. Nick,
    I'm very glad that you put this song on your list. I also have very fond memories of hearing it as we entered the park.