Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Indiana Jones Project

"It's me, I'm back!" Indiana Jones says that after being freed from his bad blood spell in the Temple of Doom, and I'm saying it right now.  I've been relatively quiet on the blogging front lately, but I'm ready to get back in the game with the Indiana Jones Project where I'll hit the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and then each Indy movie. Jones is on my Mount Rushmore of heroes along with MacGyver, 007, and...I'd have to think some more about the 4th one.  The first three Indy movies are among my favorites of all time (was there a 4th one? -- I don't remember).  I watched the Chronicles when I was a kid and remember next to nothing, but I did re-watch the first couple episodes about 10 years ago -- other than that, I'm coming at it with a mostly blank slate. Of course there will be episode rankings, and I'll be watching them in the order that they're on the DVDs (which is different from the order in which they originally aired). Time to go in search of some fortune and glory. 

EPISODES (by DVD order)



  1. If you're watching the episodes in "chronological" order, then shouldn't you also watch "Temple of Doom" before "Raiders"?

    1. Good point -- I chose to do the movies in order of release, however.