Friday, October 26, 2018

The MacGyver Project Soundtrack

Have you ever wanted a 50+ minute mix of the greatest-ever themes from MacGyver? Well, today's your lucky day because I'm announcing the release of the official MacGyver Project Soundtrack! What took me so long to create a playlist of my favorite musical cues from the series? Your guess is as good as mine, but it's now ready for your enjoyment! 

There's so much great content from the series that it was hard to leave some things out, but that opens up the possibility for a Part Two someday. While I'm not a television historian, I feel quite comfortable in saying that there's no other show in tv history that has an original soundtrack with as much quality, inspiration, or spirit -- in fact, it's not remotely close.

Total run time: 57:04

    :01 - The Gauntlet Opening Gambit by God
  5:20 - Opening Theme by Randy Edelman
  6:31 - The Prodigal by Randy Edelman
  9:59 - Thief of Budapest Opening Gambit by Randy Edelman
14:19 - Trumbo's World Opening Gambit by Randy Edelman
20:02 - Nightmares by Dennis McCarthy
22:09 - A Prisoner of Conscience by Dennis McCarthy
23:11 - Pilot by Randy Edelman
26:22 - Ugly Duckling by Dennis McCarthy (based on Randy Edelman)
26:58 - Pirates by Dennis McCarthy (based on Randy Edelman)
27:51 - Twice Stung by Dennis McCarthy
28:38 - Three for the Road by Randy Edelman
31:27 - Bushmaster by Randy Edelman
33:09 - Out in the Cold by Randy Edelman
34:09 - Phoenix Under Siege by Randy Edelman
35:45 - Lost Love by Randy Edelman
36:46 - Ghost Ship by Ken Harrison
40:08 - Mask of the Wolf by Ken Harrison
42:41 - The Battle of Tommy Giordano by Ken Harrison
44:03 - The Survivors by Ken Harrison
44:58 - Gold Rush by Ken Harrison
48:53 - Strictly Business by Ken Harrison
52:27 - Good Knight MacGyver by Ken Harrison
55:18 - Slow Death by Dennis McCarthy (based on Randy Edelman)
56:16 - Closing Theme by Randy Edelman

The embedded player works best in Google Chrome.  You can download the mp3 by clicking here.

I hope you all enjoy this!  For more musical snippets, check out the MacGyver Online soundtrack page.


  1. So excited to listen - congrats on finishing, quite a feat!!

  2. Spending a lot of time in front of my computer in the last week crunching election data and will spend much more in the weeks ahead. I've had this "greatest hits" selection playing in the background three times now since Tuesday. Great stuff.

    1. Glad you're enjoying it -- I've been listening to it a lot also.

  3. Not sure if you are aware--the blu ray of Season 1 just came out and its been completely remastered from the original film and audio tapes. We finally get to hear the early seasons in stereo. Looks and sounds fantastic!

  4. is there going to be a 2 part?

    1. probably not, I used up almost all my favorites in this one.

  5. Hello Nicholas
    Is it possible to extract soundtrack from Jenny's chance from 03:09?I think it's one of the best soundtracks.