Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mission: Impossible -- Episode 33: Church Bells in Bogota

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Synopsis in 3 sentences or less:
The team heads to Colombia to bring down a drug kingpin.  Shannon arrives later as an undercover nightclub singer, but her plane crashes and she develops amnesia.  After the kingpin's nephew falls in love with her and proposes, Shannon must decide whether she wants to reciprocate his love or complete the mission.

Memorable Quote:
He asked me to marry him.  ~Shannon
Do you want to?  ~Phelps

I like how Shannon and Luis establish a genuine connection and real feelings for each other, even if it's surprising that he proposes after knowing her for five minutes.  

There are a few problems with Shannon's stated fear of small planes.  The minor problem is the IMF team surely flies all over the world for their missions, so riding on a small plane can't be that tough for her.  The major problem is that only a few episodes ago, she WENT UP INTO OUTER SPACE IN A %#$@ SPACE SHUTTLE AND THEN LANDED IT BACK ON EARTH ALL BY HERSELF!!!  Somehow I don't think flying on a small plane would bother her after that. Furthermore, her fear wasn't necessary to the story -- the crash could have scared her enough without the preconceived fear of flying, or she could have gotten amnesia from a bump on the head.

Other thoughts, observations, and questions I didn’t ask when I was in fourth grade:
  • Luis tells Shannon that their plane is leaving right after the audition -- I guess she's already packed.
  • It doesn't appear as if the plane is taking an angle that's conducive to a safe landing.
  • As far as drug dealers go, Luis seems like a decent guy.
  • It was only five episodes ago when Shannon was being threatened at knifepoint in the art museum and Jim told Max not to intervene: "Max, no, stay clear.  We have to hold our cover, and Shannon knows that."  This episode, however, they're willing to do whatever it takes to save her, which is nice to see.
  • Grant's streak of ridiculous gadgets continues, this time with special glasses that view an embedded video -- and he just happens to have tape of Shannon having fun with the team.
  • 39:04 mark -- funniest moment of the episode when Grant and Nicholas stop the priest who is going to perform the marriage:
    • "In time, you'll understand all this."  ~Nicholas
    • "I think I understand now.  Bless you my sons."  ~Priest
    • Really, you understand why two random guys just handcuffed you to a car and took your clothes?
  • Every series needs an amnesia episode.  And like DOA MacGyver,  the transition from total amnesiac to remembering everything is instantaneous. 
  • Oh no, the escape vehicle is a small plane -- how will Shannon cope?  Actually, she seems totally fine.
  • If Luis made it to the airport at the end, why couldn't the rest of Magdelena's men?

Final Analysis:
The basic premise was interesting and I enjoyed the episode, but it had a lot more potential.  The plot felt rushed, and it probably should have been a two-parter where more time could have been on Luis and Shannon's relationship.  Shannon's choosing of the mission over the man would have been more compelling if there was a stronger bond between her and Luis, which could have been achieved through more scenes together.  Ranking it 9 out of 33.

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  1. You're right that this episode was entertaining but full of holes. I like the idea of having made it a two-parter to establish Shannon and Luis's relationship more. When Sonny Crockett got amnesia and became at one with the crime boss he was undercover as on "Miami Vice", it was a three-part story arc and seemed much more fulfilling. Anyway, Shannon's sudden fear of flying came from out of nowhere and served no purpose at all. And this show is all over the place on special effects. Some episodes feature eye-poppingly impressive effects while others seem like they were done by a high schooler....the CGI plane crash footage fits the latter category.

    Shannon's instantaneous memory revival was just as absurd as it was on "MacGyver", but I want to see the lost episode where they got the footage of the team celebrating Shannon's birthday because some genuine human moments are something this show needed more of. Why must we see them only in flashbacks? Nicholas' bout as a priest and the escape from the compound was all entertaining and the episode certainly was better than most episodes from season 1. Agreed though that they had the groundwork laid for a better episode and it didn't fill that potential. I'll rate it between "Command Performance" and "Countdown".