Friday, January 6, 2017

Dashboard's MacGyver Reboot Update #20

Production of the reboot was on hiatus until a few days ago. Cast and Crew are ready to film the residual episodes for Season 1.

Episode 1x11: Scissors (via CBS)

(Spoiler Alert: You will get spoilered by reading this post or by clicking on the links provided!)

Holiday Hiatus
Cast and Crew enjoyed a short break over Christmas to spend some well-earned time with families and friends. CBS therefore posted the MacGyver Holiday Survival Guide and a short video of Lucas Till and George Eads wishing us Happy Holidays.

More people took the opportunity to share pictures of the SAK they got as a Christmas Gift; e.g. Tristin Mays, Technical Consultant Rhett AllainDana Till (Lucas' mom), Boom Operator Robert Maxfield or Camera Operator Tiko Pavoni.

For the end of the year, FlyWorx shared an old video of filming Episode 2 (Metal Saw) with their impressive drones.

Working on Episode 15
On January 4, production started again - presumably on filming Episode 15 while working behind the scenes for Episodes 12 to 14. Assistant Director Anthony Kountz was happy to be back on set.

via Anthony Kountz

Executive Producer Peter Lenkov posted several short videos on Instagram Stories while editing Episode 12 (Screwdriver). Fans of the show were quick to save the temporary videos and share it online. Lenkov also posted some non-temporary videos; e.g. of MacGyver and Jack's exes meeting or of Riley and Bozer with Murdoc.

Tristin Mays and Justin Hires also shared some (more or less) sneaky temporary videos from Set while Lucas posted the first semi-official picture of MacGyver and Bozer in the Phoenix Foundation Lab. Justin Hires revealed what Bozer going undercover looks like: Very convincing (ahem). Bozer did much better by working on Riley's undercover face, though. Now we know why there's a contact lens technician listed on IMDb for tonight's episode.

via Lucas Till

Despite a snow warning for Atlanta, they've been filming at the Fox Theatre for another night shoot. As Peter Lenkov revealed, this episode will be quite dangerous for Riley.

Reruns of Episodes 5, 6 and 7
CBS aired Reruns over the Christmas Holidays. The ratings of Episode 5 (Toothpick, 2.52 millions) took quite a hit due to NFL Sunday Football Night, though. The ratings of Episode 6 (Wrench, 4.24 millions) on a Wednesday and Episode 7 (Can Opener, 4.53 millions) on a Friday did better.

Coincidentally, I stumbled over an old BtS pic by Andres Munoz during production of Episode 7 that shows how strong the grips working on this show really are.

As Belle revealed, there will to be a rerun of Episode 9 (Chisel) on Friday, January 27. So another Friday without a new episode, I guess?

Episode 1x07: Can Opener (via Andres Munoz)

Stills, Sneak Peeks and Press Releases
We got stills and a first trailer for Episode 12 (Screwdriver) on December 30. SpoilerTV also revealed the titles for Episode 15 (Magnifying Glass) and Episode 16 (Hook).

On January 5, CBS released a scene with Amy Acker as a first Sneak Peek for Episode 12. As predicted in Update No. 17 back in November, Jack's Ex Sarah Adler is getting married and Jack is NOT happy. The other Sneak Peek has Jack being interrogated while under the influence of a truth serum.

In an interview with The Press Enterprise, Tristin Mays talked about her role of Riley Davis. She revealed that her character's clothes are all her own.

Since Lucas Till has a new movie coming out soon, we can expect to see and hear some promo with him during the next few days. In an interview with Parade, Lucas talked about the grueling shooting days, doing his own stunts and the reboot giving him the chance to play a "full-blown adult" for once.

Episode 1x12: Screwdriver (via CBS)

Cast, Crew and Character News
In tonight's Episode 12, we will meet all recurring characters again: Murdoc, Nikki and Sarah. Even Murdoc (aka David Dastmalchian) is exited for this event. 

Central Casting Georgia has been looking for more policemen. Things that make you go *hmmmm*: Stage & Set has made a casting call for a woman looking like being at high shool age to portray "the best friend to one of our lead actors". More flashbacks for MacGyver, maybe?


  1. I like that Parade article with Lucas. Too bad that he and RDA haven't connected yet.

    1. That would be real nice if the two would meet up just to chat a little bit.

      Also, looks like the Phoenix Foundation has an open position *hint hint*...

    2. I think I get your "hint" having just watched the episode. I wonder if Sandrine Holt wanted out or if the show just realized there was no place to go with this one-dimensional character. Either way, it's an unfortunate black mark on the legacy of the "Thornton" name. Dana Elcar is either spinning in his grave right now or relieved that the embarrassment of his character's namesake is past tense.

    3. I saw this coming for a while now, but I was only sure about it a few days ago when I realized Sandrine's Stand-In (Briana Lamb) wasn't working on the show anymore.

      This episode made me think again about what part exactly they had first offered to RDA. I used to think it was either the part of his father or maybe of his grandfather (e.g. in flashbacks). Now I'm not so sure about that anymore.

      If this was planned from the beginning, it certainly would explain his rather harsh reaction statement on RDA's website.

      On the other hand, I'm not so sure if this was initially planned. The character of Thornton stayed rather one-dimensional and bland while they always tried to make us like the other members of "Team MacGyver". But who knows. There might be another plot twist coming in the Season Finale?

    4. I doubt it was planned from the beginning. I'm betting it was a midseason course correction stemming from either Sandrine Holt wanting out or the recognition that she was a weak character that nobody was connecting with. I'd be even more disappointed if this WAS actually planned from the beginning because I don't think it's acceptable within the "MacGyver" mythology to defile the Thornton name with treasonous activity.