Friday, November 18, 2016

Quantum Leap -- Episode 69: It's a Wonderful Leap

Sam Leaps Into:
Max Greenman, a cab driver.

Avoid getting killed.  Win a medallion from the cab company. 


New York, New York

Memorable Quote:
Well, she 1928.  ~Al
Oh boy!  ~Angela

Nice ending where Angela uses Sam's real name and then after she leaves he forgets all about her just like she said he would.

I found Angela to be an annoying character.  Carol was a much more pleasant angel.

Other thoughts, observations, and questions I didn’t ask when I was in fourth grade:
  • 29:22 -- the scene involving a certain famous (or infamous) person that gave way to Scott Bakula's recent appearance on Stephen Colbert.  Not even Angela the Angel could save us.

Final Analysis:
Not much to say about this one, other than that it wins the There But For The Grace award for "episode less exciting than watching paint dry."  In fact, I wasn't sure that it would ever end. Ranking it 9th from the bottom.


  1. How dare you once again defile the memory of "There but for the Grace" by putting it in the same sentence as this, no pun intended, car wreck!!!! Seriously though, it was most likely a lack of interest on my part but I never got the point of this all-important medallion from the cab company or the relevance of Max's father who got so much screen time other than Angela filling the role of his late wife in "filling the home with the laughter of a woman again".

    I will say I liked Angela's banter with Al as they managed to cancel each other out in terms of annoyance when they played off of each other. As annoying as Angela was, there are certainly plenty of episodes where Al more than rivals her. And how crazy is it that the scene foreshadowed in Stephen Colbert's clip earlier this year actually came from an actual episode of this series? Gotta say I didn't see that coming and it's pretty wild that such a prophetic scene came from such a weak episode. Ah to have those innocent times from 1992 back when Donald Trump merely stood for Manhattan real estate rather than the most powerful man in the world. Twelve days later and it still feels like a really bad if I'm still sleeping in on November 6th because of the added hour from daylight savings time and will wake up anytime now to discover the election is still two days away.

    Anyway, dreary and underwhelming episode. Kind of amazing you still manage to find this one a cut above "Roberto!" I'll rate it between "Heart of a Champion" and "Good Night, Dear Heart".

    1. Haha, you know I can't resist taking gratuitous shots at There but for the Grace! I didn't realize you found Al annoying - I don't recall finding him annoying and generally enjoy his personality and banter with Sam.

      I knew that the Colbert clip came from a real episode but wasn't sure when it was coming. When I saw the title for this episode I figured it would be another Christmas episode but realized it wouldn't be once I saw the date was May.

      Sorry to say you're not waking up from this one, unless you want to go into a deep freeze for 4 years.

    2. I said before that I had a love-hate relationship with Al. About 50% of the time he's useful, insightful, and humanizing. The other 50% he's a pest and a creep, more lout than lovable.