Thursday, January 7, 2016

Disney Song #17: Energy (You Make The World Go Round)

To Listen: Click Here

The Facts:
  • Composer: Bob Moline
  • Year: 1982 - 1996
  • Key: G Major

Heard In: 
Universe of Energy

Imagine being given an assignment to write a two-minute song on the topic of "Energy" that is catchy, poignant, and inspirational.  Seems like a tough gig, but composer Bob Moline was more than up to the task.  His fantastic song played in the Universe of Energy pre-show, an 8 minute look at different types of energy on an innovative flip screen.  I was never all that big on the Energy ride itself (kind of boring for a kid), but the music was great.  And I'm not sure exactly who was singing this (I read somewhere online that it was John Joyce), but what a voice.

By my count, this is now the 7th 1980's Future World song from my countdown that has gone away without any new song taking its place.  I wish I could say that this was the last one, but we're not nearly done.  By the way, now that we've reached the top 17, it's almost impossible for me to rank these transcendent songs.  I could spend hours listening to them (and I have) looking for subtle ways on how to separate and differentiate them, but it's getting really tough! 

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