Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Disney Song #14: Listen to the Land

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The Facts:
  • Composer: Bob Moline
  • Year: 1982 - 2005
  • Key: several

Heard In: 
Listen to the Land

The Listen to the Land boat ride was live at Epcot's opening in 1982.  Part of the ride was a tribute to American farmers and growers, and the other part took guests through a real greenhouse where desert hydroponics were used to grow any kind of fruit or vegetable imaginable.  In 1993, the ride's sponsorship changed hands from Kraft to Nestle, and it was renamed to be "Living with the Land."

The ride mostly remained the same, but there was one tragic consequence: the Listen to the Land song was removed from the opening sequence.  And the song it was replaced by was...oh wait, it wasn't replaced by any music, just some thunder to create a storm effect.  Every time I go on this ride now I can't help but think of the charming little song with the chorus of kids singing happily in the background, and it bums me out considerably.

Of all the Disney music that has been removed from Future World (this is now the 8th selection on my countdown), this one is the easiest fix - it would take about two seconds and a null set of effort to add it back in. In my recent podcast with Marty Sklar, he said that he has suggested to other imagineers that the song be brought back.  I also brought it up to Tony Baxter (though I didn't include his response in my post), and he agreed that Disney does not use or value music in the same way as they once did.  Sigh. 

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