Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Disney Song #34: Dreamflight

To Listen: Click Here

The Facts:
  • Composer: Edo Guidotti
  • Year: 1989 - 1998
  • Key: F Major

Heard In: 
Delta Dreamflight

Background / Personal Connection:
Dreamflight was an underrated ride, in my opinion.  Underrated by who, I'm not sure -- it just seems like something that came and went without much fanfare, but I was a big fan of it.  The building where it was housed in the Magic Kingdom started out as "If You Had Wings" which was sponsored by Eastern Airlines.  In 1987 it became "If You Could Fly," and then in 1989 Delta took over sponsorship of the ride and Dreamflight was born.  It stayed this way until 1998 when it briefly turned into "Take Flight" before giving way to the Buzz Lightyear laser shooting ride that exists today.

Dreamflight was all about the celebration of flight, from its history to its future.  The second half of the video linked above shows the actual ride (the first half of the video is If You Had Wings).  The theme that I'm referencing was played throughout the ride:

8:51 mark -- The core theme
11:14 -- Cartoonish circus riff
11:46 -- Stunt flyer sequence
12:26 -- 1930's jazz
13:15 -- Welcome to Paris
13:56 -- The future of flight (fun Future World-ish vibe here)
15:55 -- We finish it off with a great vocal track

This soundtrack is nothing short of spectacular.  In fact, it makes me want to drive to the airport right now and catch the next flight.  If I were the CEO of Delta, I would demand this song be played on commercials, airports, planes, and anywhere else I could think of.  If you've been to the Detroit airport (I've only been there about 200 times), you know about the long underground walkway/tunnel between terminals that has flashing lights and plays funky music.  Well, Detroit is a Delta hub, and "Dreamflight" would be the perfect score for that tunnel!  

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