Thursday, October 15, 2015

Disney Song #38: The Spirit of Norway

To Listen: Click Here

The Facts:
  • Composer: Michel Colombier
  • Year: 1988 - 2014
  • Key: B Major

Heard In: 
Maelstrom, Epcot Norway Pavilion

Background / Personal Connection:
In 1988, the Norway Pavilion opened in Epcot's World Showcase, and the highlight for me was the Maelstrom, a "High Seas Norwegian Adventure."  You got into a Viking boat and zoomed quickly past an old village, some trolls, a few polar bears, and oil derricks, and there were also two slides (including a small backward one) which was fun.

After the boat let you off in a replica of a small fishing village, you went into a theater (with memorable Norwegian-style chair backs) and saw "The Spirit of Norway," a 6 minute long movie linked above.  The beginning was a little scary for me as a kid (some loud, startling moments), but the ending is magnificent as we see various shots of everyday Norwegians to the sound of a beautiful theme.

What happened to the Maelstrom and "The Spirit of Norway?"  It was removed last year to make way for a Frozen ride which is scheduled to open in 2016.  Although it's sad to see Maelstrom go, I can't be upset with Disney on this one considering that Frozen has made approximately 500 kajillion dollars and is beloved by every toddler and tween from here to Oslo.  I guess we Maelstrom fans will just have to Let it Go (ha ha ha).  

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