Monday, August 17, 2015

Disney Song #68: I'm No Fool / You are a Human Animal

To Listen:  I'm No Fool / You are a Human Animal

The Facts:
  • Writer: Jimmie Dodd
  • Performer: Cliff Edwards as Jiminy Cricket
  • Year: 1955 - 1959
  • Key:  B Major

Heard In: 
Mickey Mouse Club

Background / Personal Connection:
This is a two for one special -- two separate songs (or ditties, really) that I decided to group together in one post because they are cut from the same cloth, as both were featured in educational cartoons hosted by Jiminy Cricket.  "I'm No Fool" involved Jiminy teaching about safety (topics included bicycles, water, and electricity among others), and the "You" series focused on the human body.  They originally appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club, but I saw them later on the Disney Channel as part of the cartoon shows Good Morning Mickey and Donald Duck Presents.  I hadn't heard the melodies in a very long time until just now while listening to them on Youtube.  They obviously made an impression on me since I remembered them for all these years, and there's still some warm, fuzzy feelings associated with them.  

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