Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Key Terms

Before we get started on the rankings, it makes sense to define some terms that will come up often.  These terms, created by me, refer to events that happen so frequently throughout the series that it makes sense to define them here.

Clocked -- a goon gets knocked unconscious.  This happens with frequency and surprising ease.  Like in “Blow Out”, where MacGyver foils a supermarket robbery and knocks out a fleeing thief by throwing a can of food at his back.  When I was a kid, I thought it was normal for people to get knocked out this easily and that there were no repercussions.  Like the person would just wake up soon after and be just fine. 

Shake – MacGyver’s habit of shaking out his hand after punching someone to relieve the pain of the punch.  For example, “MacGyver caught up to the goon and Clocked him with a Shake.”  How many times does he do this throughout the series?  I’ll keep track here.  I’d put the over/under at 42, and I’ll take the over. 

Carikaze – One of my favorite MacGyver moves.  In his zeal to catch the bad guys, he runs after their escaping car.  He ends up running right in front of their car, only to then spectacularly dive out of the way.  How many times does he do this throughout the series?  Once again, I’ll keep track here.  I’d put the over/under at 8, and I’ll take the over.

1. Clocks a soldier outside the boathouse.  The Mountain of Youth (#136)
2. Punches a thug at an underground fighting ring.  Second Chance (#127) 
3. Throws a two-armed, spinning punch on a hospital guard.  A Prisoner of Conscience (#118)
4. Punches a rebel walking into a tent.  On a Wing and a Prayer (#114)
5. Punches a soldier in an Incan temple.  The Treasure of Manco (#107)
6. Knocks out Prometheus.  The Prometheus Syndrome (#99)
7. Plays dead and then punches a poacher.  Eagles (#83)
8. Is dressed like a monk and knocks out a soldier on the stairs.  Jack of Lies (#82)
9. Knocks out a bad guy outside the garbage truck.  Dalton, Jack of Spies (#75)
10. Punches guy in gas mask outside gas chamber.  The Ten Percent Solution (#72)
11. Clocks corrupt police officer with left hand.  The Ten Percent Solution (#72)
12. Punches guy after knocking him down with a barrel/water jug contraption.  Nightmares (#71)
13. Knocks out guy for the second time outside the lake cabin.  Silent World (#39)
14. Punches out Quayle in the electrical room.  Deathlock (#37)
15. Punches tribesman outside a tent.  Thief of Budapest (#34)
16. Punches Colter in the woods.  The Invisible Killer (#15)
17. Knocks out drug smuggler in the woods.  The Survivors (#5)
18. Punches a big guy in the woods near the pipeline.  Ghost Ship (#4)

1. Dodging his own blue '57 Nomad that has been stolen.  Harry's Will (#120)
2. Jumps away from car and into trash boxes.  Ma Dalton (#68) 
3. Dodges the car kidnapping Cherine in Little Haiti.  Walking Dead (#43)
4. Jumps out of the way from speeding car in hotel parking lot.  Three for the Road (#16)