Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Erik Kirschbaum: Outstanding Author

Erik Kirschbaum is a correspondent for Reuters based in Germany.  His latest book is Soccer Without Borders: Jürgen Klinsmann, Coaching the U.S. Men's National Soccer Team and the Quest for the World Cup, on sale at Amazon

Total run time: 41:10

  0:47 - How Erik met Jürgen Klinsmann and how the book came about. 
12:17 - Klinsmann's competitive side and how he deals with criticism.
17:21 - The time Klinsmann asked the ref not to give his opponent a red card.
21:42 - Klinsmann's job security and future.
26:03 - Ways to improve the U.S. men's national team.
33:13 - The atmosphere at a European soccer match.
38:18 - What Germans think about the U.S. Presidential election.

The embedded player works best in Google Chrome.  You can also download the mp3 by clicking here, and the podcast is available in iTunes.

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