Sunday, August 14, 2016

Quantum Leap -- Episode 44: Piano Man

Sam Leaps Into: 
Joey DeNardo, a piano player/"lounge lizard" and witness to a murder from three years ago.

Save his life and the life of Lorraine, his ex-girlfriend, who he left after witnessing a murder.


Tularosa, New Mexico

Memorable Quote:
Ah, that was real pretty.  But I wanna know, can you cut loose?  ~Thelma

I didn't remember many details from this episode before I watched it but I remembered really liking Lorraine, and after watching it all these years later, I'm still a big fan!  She's my favorite leading lady so far -- she's full of warmth and charm and has a sweet yet ditzy persona.

In fact, speaking of Lorraines, I think I'd even give her the edge over Mama Lorraine which is really saying something given my love for Mama.

Because I'm such a Lorraine fan, it made me sad as a kid (and still does) when Sam tells Lorraine that he doesn't want to be with her any more.  Though I do enjoy how in this scene Al is encouraging Sam to "be tough" in dumping Lorraine for her own good, and then Al is exasperated when he sees that it's not in Sam's nature to be harsh.  

Other thoughts, observations, and questions I didn’t ask when I was in fourth grade:
  • The date in this episode is the latest one so far in the series and only the second in the 1980's.
  • Fun and somewhat out-of-character Lorraine moment at the 6 minute mark when Lorraine softly mutters "you're dead" when facing off with the lady in the green dress. Little do they know that she actually is going to be dead just minutes later in the car bomb.
  • Oh no, Sam's been shot!  That's the third time so far.  He's tied Pete!
  • Strange that no one else other than Sam and Lorraine runs outside the bar after the explosion.
  • Some great musical performances in this episode including "Somewhere in the Night" (which Bakula wrote) and "Footloose."
  • Lorraine mentions a ski trip where Joey broke both legs -- that scenario rings a bell (another Pete reference)!
  • It's quite a long-range plan whereby Nicky/Carl develops a multi-year relationship with Lorraine just so he can get to Joey -- if he's that committed to finding him you'd think once he finally found Joey that he'd send 10 guys to make sure the job got done.

Final Analysis:
I'm a huge fan of this one, mostly due to Lorraine. Ranking it 6 out of 44.


  1. This episode was okay. I liked the action elements, something this show delves into a few times a season and it usually makes episodes more exciting when it does. The truck collision and ensuing explosion was probably the purest action scene the show has done so far, even though I didn't quite understand why the roads were so foggy when it was clear blues skies a minute before and after the car chase. I can't say I had strong feelings either way on Lorraine but will say I like her much, much better than Mama Lorraine!!! It was darkly humorous as she was describing how her past boyfriends met their doom as Sam (and Al by proxy) were prodding her. Obviously I didn't see it coming right away but they made it too obvious in the closing minutes that Nicky/Carl was the ultimate villain who would finish Lorraine off.

    Other random observations:
    Nice to see that a bullet wound has as little effect on Sam beyond a single brief scene as it had on MacGyver multiple times......was $80 for a new tire really that outrageous in 1985 as the scene with the repair shop guy implied? In 2008 I needed one and it cost me $240.......where did you find out Bakula wrote "Somewhere in the NIght"? Was it in the credits?

    And one final very unsettling observation. If this encounter really occurred on November 10, 1985, then Sam and Lorraine were both missing the original broadcast of the "MacGyver" episode "Trumbo's World" while being chased by the hit man!

    I'll rank this one between "Camikaze Kid" and "Honeymoon Express".

    1. I had figured that the song was a cover, but when I listened to other versions of the song online, they sounded different. I looked up "Somewhere in the Night" on wikipedia and it said that it was a new song written by Bakula.

      Good call on Trumbo's World -- that should have been Sam's mission, to not miss watching it!