Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ken Reed: Outstanding Author

How We Can Save Sports: A Game Plan - available for purchase on Amazon.

Dr. Ken Reed is the sports policy director of League of Fans, an organization dedicated to reforming sports at all levels of society.  Follow him on Twitter at KenReedLofF.

Total run time: 50:56

0:01 - introduction
0:51 - Ken's background and involvment with League of Fans
8:05 - taxpayer funded stadiums
11:33 - concussions and CTE
21:18 - fighting in hockey
24:13 - lack of opportunity in youth sports
28:55 - coaching and empowering athletes
37:44 - college sports and the NCAA
46:45 - possibility of a National Sports Commission
50:08 - epilogue

The embedded player works best in Google Chrome.  You can also download the mp3 by clicking here, and the podcast is available in iTunes.  And my apologies for the faint clicking noise in the background -- shall I blame Garageband or an infestation of crickets in the MacGyver Project studios?!

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