Monday, April 6, 2015

Michael Des Barres: The Key to the Universe

When I was a freshman in college, some of the guys in my dorm played a game called "Who's cooler than Sting?" The rules were pretty simple: while hanging out in the lounge area, we called out the names of different people who we thought might be cooler than Sting.  I remember the responses ranged from the living (Joe Montana) to the deceased (James Dean) to the fictional (Darth Vader). The upperclassman who acted as judge and jury to our suggestions (and happened to be a starting offensive lineman on the football team) would either answer "No," or "No, but that's a good one." Well, after all these years, I finally know how to get a response in the affirmative.  For I defy anyone to watch the first 10 seconds of this promotional video for Michael Des Barres' new album and then tell me that he is not the coolest person in the world.

Rock star.  Philosopher.  Humanitarian.  Royal (he's a Marquis - true story).  Oh, and he just happened to play the greatest tv villain that the medium has ever seen.  When I was 10 years old and watching MacGyver reruns for the first time, whenever "Michael Des Barres" flashed across the screen during the opening, I went berserk with excitement (my mother will vouch for this). He, along with Richard Dean Anderson, were my childhood heroes, and I'm grateful for his time in talking to me and for the opportunity to share in the celebration of his new album,"The Key to the Universe," which will be released on April 7th, 2015.

NS: What was your favorite episode of MacGyver?

MDB: My favorite MacGyver show was the one where Richard and I paired up.  I got to spend time with him and celebrate our friendship and rivalry!!

When villain and hero unite!  Murdoc and MacGyver in "Halloween Knights."

NS: What are you most excited about with your new album?

MDB: The album is very special for me. I think it's the closest I've gotten in my career to telling the truth lyrically and playing music that is diminishing in the glare of auto tuning machine driven music.  

NS: What, in your view, is the key to the universe?

MDB: The key to the universe is essentially knowing that you are capable of love.  That your compassion for everyone determines your own happiness.  Also a great pair of jeans!

Click Here to order Michael's album on Amazon.
Click Here to visit his official website. 
You can also hear Michael throughout the week on Sirius Radio's Underground Garage.

And 10 more episodes left in The MacGyver Project countdown, including two with Murdoc. Where will they rank?  Stay tuned!  Now stop reading this blog and go buy "The Key to the Universe!" 


  1. \o/ MDB!

    As for buying his album... *looks into sad sad bank acct*... that one'll have to wait.

    Oh, personally - I think MDB is about neck-and-neck w/ Sting. =)

  2. Congrats on the big interview score. I've always heard great things about those who worked with Des Barres and everything I've seen, from writers and producers interviewed here and elsewhere, visitors have had nothing but the best to say about the energy he brings to his work, both with music and acting. When you playing this game in college did you think of Des Barres back then or only after the fact when it was too late.

    I always got to see the "next on MacGyver" previews on ABC so I knew in advance when Murdoc was making an appearance and usually set up my schedule for the next week preparing for watching it. I've mentioned before how "Halloween Knights" is a fan favorite. No surprise it's an MDB favorite too.

    Definitely intrigued to check out his album. I'm totally with him on the "auto-tuning" nonsense. Back in 1999, that was kind of a cool gimmick adding an odd sound to certain tracks. Now it just allows "singers" with average or below voices to gloss up their weaknesses and take recording contracts from those with more talent. I'm sure he could describe in more detail but I feel a general grasp of what he's going for and would like to hear for myself. Thanks again for the conversation....and why do I get the feeling we'll be seeing more from MDB tomorrow night?!?!?

    1. I'm not sure my offensive lineman friend knew about MDB or MacGyver, sadly. I also liked his auto-tuning comment - there are a few times where I've heard pop groups on tv doing a live performance and it sounds pretty bad and much worse than the radio version.

      As for #10, I'd say there's a 20% chance you're right!